YAZICI MAKİNA, using the experience and knowledge of its own high-capacity Overlap System Shrink Packing Machine, Fully & Semi Automatic Shrink Packing Machine, Pneumatic Line cutting, Furniture, battery packaging, cartons and pizza box packaging, car glass, panel radiators, aerosol, tetra pack, styrofoam, pulses and since these sectors in 1982, took place in Europe and the world konjektör quality and high capacity design consisting of machine building from the 50 people, R & D, manufacturing, 80 Pink different kinds Shrine with and experienced staff in sales and marketing Packaging producing machines and systems design devices – technology selection issues, offering an integrated system projects “Solution House” operates as. In line with the constantly evolving technology YAZICI MAKİNA domestic and the latest innovations relating to packaging according to new requirements abroad, continues to add to manufacture. Shrink in manufacturing packaging machines with moves we have made in recent years by applying the latest technology and developments in machinery manufacturing system, competitive conditions and reach high capacity while addressing difficult and different packaging applications required by consumer demand, the product has the principle of the most beautiful and securely packaging. Company policy, customers not only sell machines at every stage of this project is to replace the high quality production and quality service. We have managed to develop the industry leader with new technological equipment aiming to minimize dependence on foreign manufacturers, engaged in the manufacture of shrink packaging machine.

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